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Baddie Room Ideas

Although technically being a byproduct of modern Instagram culture, baddies have been around for a long time. And when it comes to the baddie aesthetic, it’s fair to say that it borrows from the very best Y2K trends and millennial faves. So if you’re looking to give your bedroom a total Euphoria Maddy Perez makeover, we’re sure our baddie room ideas will help you be successful. Extra drama optional.

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Fluffy and smooth textures, crystal accents, and just enough variety of pink shades. If being a baddie is all about merging femininity and the right amount of sass, it’s important that you create a space that will allow you to relax and recharge, along with completing your high-maintenance routines. This is why we decided to share some of our best tips, so you never have to sacrifice your aesthetic in your safe place.

The Baddie Aesthetic

Baddies come in all shapes and forms. The one thing that unites them all is an unapologetically fierce attitude and a natural tendency to always be on their A-game visually. There’s the OG Instagram baddie, a devoted follower of beauty gurus and the latest trends. There’s the luxurious baddie, who loves showing off her expensive material possessions, glitz, glam, and jewels galore. The retro or vintage baddie, who appreciates all things 80s and 90s, in particular the music and video game culture. And lastly, there’s the Y2K baddie, reviving all the best 2000s teen trends worth reviving, bad b**** disposition included.

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The baddie aesthetic manifests itself in all visual aspects, be it beauty, fashion, or even interior decor. Social media influencers and luxury brands seem to dictate the rules of the aesthetic. In regards to beauty, there is a big emphasis on plump lips, groomed brows, and sleek hairstyles – undoubtedly heavily influenced by the Kardashian-Jenner clan. As for fashion, it can be very versatile depending on the subgenre, but loungewear, flashy jewelry, and long acrylic nails seem to be some of the aesthetic-wide staples.

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Finally, baddie room decor pays homage to the softer side of the aesthetic. The color palette, textures, and even items are hyper-feminine for the most part. There are a few edgier references that may be featured. But we will dive deeper into the topic in the next section.

What is baddie room decor?

No self-proclaimed baddie would ever neglect any part of their visual expression – so their bedroom decor is no exception. Baddie room decor has a very distinct color palette, and as we mentioned before, there are specific textures and items that help project the aesthetic into a space.

From the walls to the bedding and accents, everything is meant to look very luxurious, not necessarily super elegant, but definitely feminine. Play with neutrals and bright sensual colors. A really cool way to help create that baddie mood is to utilize neon and LEDs – which end up being a great investment because these tend to be customizable so you can switch up the color anytime you’d like.

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Mirrors and crystal accents work great for reflecting those colored lights. Not only that but these perfectly fit the baddie lifestyle as well and will help you keep on looking and feeling good every single day. And because material things are super important, don’t be afraid to clutter your space. After all, a little bit of organized chaos never hurt anyone.

A few of the most recurrent motifs, aside from eluding to beauty and luxury, include moneyroyalty, and (oddly enough) toy guns and lighters. The latter is an evident reference to the oughts, the soft-ghetto trends of the time, and even the reigning era of Playboy and its symbols. The true starter kit of a good girl gone bad.

Baddie Room Ideas

So by now, you might have some sort of an idea of what a baddie bedroom looks like. But to double-check that you get the basics right, we’ve prepared this comprehensive decor guide filled with nothing but our absolute best baddie room ideas. Check it out:

Color Palette

You will want to play around with light neutrals, like white and beige. This will help accentuate the main brighter colors, typically pinksreds, and purples. As a good rule of thumb, it’s best to keep the walls pale, and maybe have one side painted in color or dressed in a nice wallpaper. Small accents of black, silver, and gold are always welcome.


No light fixtures scream baddie more than neon lampscustomizable colored LEDs, and fairy lights. You could even find a way to incorporate all kinds into your room, to ensure the lighting is perfect in every single corner.

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When it comes to furniture, white and black pieces are the way to go. Ditch your wooden furniture or paint them. The more modern (yet minimalistic the better) because the individualistic touches will shine through with the decor. And if there’s a furniture item that should be featured in every baddie bedroom, that item is a vanity mirror.

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Now the bedding is where it gets interesting. Unlike most trends reigning in bedroom decor nowadays, your bed is something to be highlighted. You can do that with silky sheets, either in pink or rose gold. Add a few fluffy throw pillows for good measure – bonus points if they match your faux fur rugs. Now, this next step is entirely optional, but to elevate that level of extra-ness, you could add a sheer bed canopy, maybe with fairy lights trickling down it.

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Other Decor

Remember when we said that cluttering is a plus with this aesthetic? That’s because there’s no better way to let your materialistic side shine. You’ll want to keep a balance of feminine and edgy, all while throwing in a few items that might hold sentimental value or relate more closely to your personality, hobbies, and taste.

Crystal-studded items like candle holders and flower vases reflect light the best. Other items that tend to stand out without being too shiny include gold and metal objects, such as mirrorstrays, and frames. You could dress up the walls with polaroid picturesmotivational posters, or even designer items on shelves that you would love to showcase.

Have your perfumeslotionslipsticks, and makeup brushes on display. This will also facilitate access to them, for any impromptu outing that you might have to get ready for. A standing mirror is an absolute must, not just for outfit pictures but for that final check before heading out the door. Lastly, consider getting yourself a nice jewelry organizer – nobody has time for tangled necklaces and lost earrings. 

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Baddie Room Decor F.A.Q

What is the baddie aesthetic?

The baddie aesthetic is very much associated with the beauty and fashion communities. It merges femininity with a fierce, take-no-prisoners-type of attitude and borrows extensively from 2000s trends.

What are the must-have decor items for a baddie aesthetic bedroom?

The best things to incorporate in your room for the authentic baddie aesthetic feel include faux fur rugs and pillows, silky bed sheets, polaroid pictures and motivational posters, neon lamps and colored LEDs, mirrors, or any glass objects that reflect light, exposed jewelry, and beauty items.


Hopefully, our baddie room ideas will help you renovate your space in a way that will bring out the finest and most confident side of yourself. Make sure to check out our dedicated baddie shop category to simplify your redecoration project. 

If you feel like you’d be better matched with a softer yet elegant aesthetic, we recommend you check out our post on Ethereal Room Ideas. But if you’re personal style is more gritty and on the edgy side, then you might find that the Grunge aesthetic fits you best.

Have fun redecorating!

Adapted from theotheraesthetic.com

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